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Talla en Madera


Carving in wood is one of Puerto Rico's oldest and most respected artforms. Rubén Acevedo Méndez is one of Puerto Rico's finest carving artisans whose work is widely sought after for it's fine detail and artistic qualities. Rubén's work is found throughout the world with collectors from Europe commissioning works as well as collectors in the western hemisphere. One of his works was made for Pope John Paul II of Rome and resides at the Vatican. Considered one of the best miniature carvers on the island, his talents not only reside in carving santos, but he also paints ostrich eggs (huevos), reproduces antique furniture parts, and even carves large wooden signs for retail stores. A Puerto Rican artisan at heart, he dedicates himself to teach others this important artform in Aguada, Puerto Rico, his home town.